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Melbourne weather: More than 1000 households lose power after strong winds rip through Victoria

Further strong wind gusts are expected over the central part of the state on Sunday morning.Power has been restored to nearly every home after damaging winds tore limbs off trees and sent them onto power lines east of Melbourne.
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AusNet Services had only around 50 customers affected by power outages as of 6.30pm, down from almost 1150 on Sunday morning.

Company spokesman Andrew Dillon said the worst-affected areas were Toolangi and Castella, north-east of Melbourne.

Each town had more than 100 people without electricity, mostly due to fallen tree limbs on power lines.

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He said the number of people affected this weekend paled in comparison to a week ago, when about 70,000 Victorians had their electricity cut.High winds expected this weekend. Check out our ‘Preparing for storms’ info on our website https://t.co/rKa9hbuzbi— AusNet Services (@AusNetServices) October 14, 2016

Strong winds tore through the state around midnight. A State Emergency Service spokeswoman said 234 calls for help had been received from midday on Saturday.

She said almost 40 people called just after midnight, when wind gusts were peaking across the state.

The spokeswoman said Melbourne’s north-east was the hardest hit.

“The vast majority of calls were about trees down and traffic hazards,” she said. “Many of the areas affected were also hit last weekend, such as Emerald and Healesville.”

On Sunday the state government extended disaster assistance funding to people affected by storms and floods who live in Baw Baw, Cardinia, Casey, Frankston, Hobsons Bay, Hume, Nillumbik, Whitehorse and Wyndham.

It brings the number of local councils affected by natural disasters this month to 48.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Scott Williams said Mount Hotham clocked the highest wind speed – 117km/h at 1.15am.

Melbourne Airport wasn’t too far behind, with wind speeds of 93 km/h recorded just after midnight.

“It seemed to be the windiest point of the night,” he said.Strongest gusts since midnight: 100km/h @ Mt William & Mt Hotham, 93km/h @ Melbourne Airport. Severe Weather Warning https://t.co/AuqopWpnuIpic.twitter南京夜网/LQ7ibQDNeT— BOM Victoria (@BOM_Vic) October 15, 2016

Northerly winds stuck around until early afternoon with rain forecast between 6pm and 9pm.

Despite the wind, Melburnians experienced the hottest October night in four years on Saturday.

Mr Williams said the mercury did not drop below 18.3 degrees.

“It wasn’t exceptionally warm in terms of long-term records, but we haven’t had anything above 14.1 degrees this month.

Sunday was forecast to reach a high of 24 degrees, with northerly winds turning west to north-westerly in the evening.

– with Steve Lillebuen

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Man fends off shark with garden broom off Port Fairy

Dan Hoey with the broom he used to fend off the shark. Photo: Rachael Hoey Mr Hoey’s boat was left with some battle scars after its run-in with the great white. Photo: Rachael Hoey
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Damage the shark inflicted to Mr Hoey’s engine. Photo: Rachael Hoey

A Port Fairy angler has managed to fend off a great white shark with an ordinary garden broom.

Dan Hoey was fishing for gummy sharks at Port Fairy with his brother and a client when an agitated 5.5-metre great white began circling their boat.

Mr Hoey’s wife, Rachael, said the trio had a pot full of bait under their aptly named 7.5 metre White Pointer boat that was most likely responsible for attracting the shark.

“It tried to take a chunk out of the motor, and it did actually leave some marks and scratches,” she said.

Worried the shark was going to damage the boat’s engine, Mr Hoey grabbed a humble garden broom and used it to jab at the creature.

He said “the beast” wouldn’t leave their boat alone.

“She nearly took a chunk out of my Yamaha motors, leaving a few small dents,” he said.

The shark wasn’t deterred, however, so after trying to shoo it away for almost 20 minutes, Mr Hoey pulled up the anchor and sped off.

He said the shark was heavily pregnant. “She looked to be on the verge of dropping her bundles of joy very soon,” he said.

Steve Norton, who was on the boat at the time, said that as he was filming last Thursday’s incident he was worried the shark was going to jump out of the water and into the boat.

“It was heading straight for me,” he said. “If I was in a tinny boat I would have been very worried because it was very aggressive.”

He said the trio could see the shoreline in the distance and were in waters about 30 metres deep.

Mrs Hoey said her husband frequently saw great whites, but nothing quite so big.

Mr Hoey has been a professional angler for more than 30 years. The couple own Salty Dog Charters, a chartered fishing business operating out of Port Fairy.

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Mersey members ‘unified’

A MEETING between four mayors on the North-West Coast and Health Minister Michael Ferguson has been hailed a success with representatives declaring they are unified in a bid to secure the Mersey Community Hospital’s future.
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After delays which saw the mayors’ scheduled October delegation to Canberra postponed, Mr Ferguson met with themayors of Devonport, Latrobe, Kentish and the Central Coast councils on Saturday.

The topic was the future of theMerseyCommunity Hospital and Mr Ferguson declared the meeting was “constructive”.

“I reconfirmed the Hodgman Government’s commitment to ensuring the hospital remains long into the future,” he said.

“I met with my federal counterpart Sussan Ley in Canberra last week, to argue our case and there remains an open dialogue to make sure we get the best deal for Tasmanians.

“The North West community deserves and expects all of its community leaders to continue to work together to ensure we get the best possible outcome for them.”

Mr Ferguson’s meeting with the mayors was designed to ensure both the state and local government was on the same page in their fight with the federal government.

“The Tasmanian Government is seeking a five-year funding commitment from the federal government to provide greater certainty for the whole health system – and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure they keep up their end of the bargain,” Mr Ferguson added.

“The Tasmanian Government has fought for the North West and theMerseyin the past, and will continue to do so.”

Latrobe mayor Peter Freshney echoed Mr Ferguson’s comments and said the meetingwent “very well”.

“We now expect there will be a delegation of mayors go to Canberra,” he said.

“We’re hoping to meet with the Federal Health Minister and possibly the Treasurer.”

Cr Freshney hoped the meetings would take place before November 30.

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Men’s shed helps Dorset

The Dorset Men’s Shed has worked on a number of projects for the community. Picture: FacebookA $1425 cheque for the North East Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is just one of many Dorset Community Men’s Shed projects assisting local businesses.
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Dorset Community Men’s Shed coordinator Mervyn Chilcott said a number of works were well underway, including display units for Bridestowe Lavender Estate, and animal nesting boxes for the upcoming Scottsdale Show.

“We give the Dorset community a lot of assistance in that ladies bring chairs in that are broken and we replace them.

“Or we make a specific cupboard or a set of drawers where they can’t buy it from the commercial shops, and they want a particular size.”

He said $1425 for the hospital was raised by collecting old paling fences, splitting them into sticks and selling them in seven kilogram boxes to a number of outlets.

“Some people just come in and want a piece of wood cut to a shape, or they want a sign made for their front gate.”

He said he was also helping with the development of signage for the Scottsdale Lion’s Club.

“The Lion’s Club are putting in an extension from the caravan park up to the Dorset Rail Trail, we routed the signs for that, ready to go up soon.”

Mr Chilcott said the shed had at least eight to 10 volunteers on a daily basis, and about 30 members in total.

“Aside from the woodwork, we run art lessons up here, headed by John Gibb, quite a prominent artist in the North East.”

“We’ve got a gallery here at the shed, that we make things and sell through the gallery.”

Mr Gibb said he started an Art Hub in order to develop a network of artists in the North East.

“Because I was a former art teacher, I wanted to get a bit of a community art hub going,” he said.

Mr Gibb said projects included acrylic paintings and pottery – with a focus on old buildings and perspective.

He said he runs an art class class each Thursday at 10am at the Art Hub on 2 Christopher Street in Scottsdale.

For more information on the shed, or getting involved in art classes, contact Mervyn from the Dorset Community Men’s Shed on 0417 542 152 or visit their Facebook page.

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Border warms to dad’s devotion to his Ruthie

Zoe and Stephen Neville have been overwhelmed by the Border community’s generosity in helping their little girl.
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About $42,000 was donated to the family for a 24-hour drum-off Mr Neville recently performed outside Albury’s Blackline Music.

The money means they can now pay for a specially modified van they got in April to transport seven-year-old Ruthie, who has cerebral palsy.

Caring for Ruthie means the Thurgoona couple cannot work full-time, so loan repayments aren’t possible.

To make it all happen, Mr Neville’s parents stepped in and got the loan and the van was then modified at a cost of $35,000 through the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Nevilles, who also have a six-month-old boy, Art, would have been delighted to raise $10,000.

“For all of us as a little family unit and our extended family, the generosity just took our breath away,” Mrs Neville said.

Major donations included $2500 each from Bob Jane T-Marts in Albury and the Commercial Club, another benefactor provided $5000 and one anonymous donation of $1000 came in an envelope handed up to the stage.About $8000 went into donation tins.

“And then a little school friend of Ruthie watched Stephen play the drums,” Mrs Neville said.

“He got his wallet out and thought about it for a little while and then he put a couple of silver coins in.That to us is so special because no one told him to do that.”

The family paid special tribute to James Ross and thepeople at Blackline Music for organising everything from the stage to publicity, a council permit and food and drinks.

“I think Ruthie was just so blown away by the event itself and being able to go down the street and get out of her wheelchair,” Mrs Neville said.

“We could help her have a bit of a walk and a bit of a dance while Dad was playing the drums.

“I think she was just so proud of him.”

Mr Neville said it was “tricky”from 4am to 8am.

“I was really tired and feeling a bit sore in my shoulders. But what really helped me through that was there would have been at least 10 people there still from the local music community.”

Before they got the van, Mrs Neville saidit was too hard to leave the house.

“For akid like Ruthie who is so outgoing and loves to be around people it was just heartbreaking,” she said.

“Stephen is my hero. I was already head-over-heels in love with him before this happened and now I just have a new level of adoration and respect for him.

“I think he’s amazing.”

On the road: Ruthie Neville with with her mum, Zoe, her brother, Art, James Ross and her dad, Stephen Neville. Picture: JAMES WILTSHIRE

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Skaters will get the cold shoulder

PLANS to bring a round of the skateboarding World Cup to Bathurst appear dead in the water with Bathurst Regional Council urged to reject a request from the organisers to use Mount Panorama for the event.
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Council has already shown a reluctance to financially back the event through waiving fees for the use of Mount Panorama and now a report to Wednesday night’s meeting recommends councillors also knock back a request to make the Mount available for the eventat all.

Corporate services and finance director Bob Roach had previously “strongly recommended” that councillors reject overtures from the International Downhill Federation, citing a strained relationship with the organisation during the running of Newton’s Nations eventon the Mount almost a decade ago.

In his latest report Mr Roach advises that a new event on Mount Panorama would not sit well with residents who call the Mountain home.

“Councillors would realise that the residents at Mount Panorama have raised concerns about the number of events on many previous occasions,” the report states.

“They feel that they are inconvenienced enough with four traditional motor racing events (full circuit closures) and numerous hill climbs, etc. (partial circuit closures).

“An additional event would only heighten their concerns.”

For itspart, the IDF’s Australian arm, the Australian Skateboarding Racing Association, has scaled back its request for in-kind support from councilto a figure estimated by Mr Roach to be around $10,000 –down from $20,000 –and responded in writing to eight questions from council in relation to the running of the event and ASRA’s organisation structure.

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Rare skeleton discovered in northwest Queensland

The rare skeleton of a 100 million-year-old fish with a swordfish-like head and monstrous teeth discovered near Richmond.Two Queensland families holidaying in the remote outback town of Richmond have together uncovered an exceptionally rare skeleton of a 100 million-year-old fish with an incredible swordfish-like head and monstrous teeth.
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The discovery was made initially when the Johnston family,Margate, unearthed the complete lance-like snout of a fossil fish at one of the free fossil hunting sites near Richmond.

“At first we thought it was a tooth from some giant reptile, since it was so large and cone shaped,” said Mirjam Johnston.

“It wasn’t until that night we showed the bone to a fossil enthusiast at our camp site that we realised it was the tip of a very pointy fish nose.”

Tony and Gail Amos, one of two holidaying couples who found bones from a rare sword-fish skeleton near Richmond.

A week later Tony and Gail Amos,Agnes Waters, visited the same site and found the rest of the creatureincluding a complete skull, massive teeth, vertebrae, and the front fins.

“When I put my shovel in the ground I wasn’t expecting to find something so complete. I remember pulling up the layers of rock and realising there was bone poking out everywhere,” Mr Amos said.

Mr Amos knew that what he had found was something special and immediately brought it to the attention of Kronosaurus Korner, the local fossil museum, to help identify the specimen.

Kronosaurus Korner curator Dr Patrick Smithsaid the bones of the creature belonged to a species called Australopachycormus hurleyi, a 3 m long, swordfish-like predator with a pointed snout that was probably used to slash or stun prey.

“It great to see both these families working closely with the museum,”Dr Smith said.

“Without the help of guests, specimen such as this recent fish could easily been lost or destroyed.

The Australopachycormus hurleyi, a 3 m long, swordfish-like predator with a pointed snout that was used to slash or stun prey.

“Although it appears similar to a modern swordfish, it belonged to an unrelated extinct group known as the pachycormids.

“This is an excellent example of convergent evolutionwhereby two organisms, which are not closely related, independently evolve similar characteristics after adapting to same environment.”

“Fossils of Australopachycormus are exceptionally rare, which is demonstrated by the fact that the species was only discovered less than a decade ago.”

“Previous to this find we had no near-complete remains of the animal in our museum”.

Thefossil fish is currently on display at Kronosaurus Korner and is planned to be part of a new exhibit.

North Queensland Register

RSL-Colts win big but Ryan praises Cougars

COME IN SPINNER: Nathan Jones made the most of his opportunity and took six wickets for Colts on Saturday and helped the men in red score an emphatic outright win over CYMS at No. 2 Oval. Photo: PAIGE WILLIAMS
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RSL-Colts has made the perfect start to the 2016/17 Whitney Cup season, scoring an outright win over CYMS, but captain Jason Ryan says the match was much closer than it appears.

The victory was set up on day one of the clash, where Colts wrapped up first innings points by rolling the Cougars for just 81 but day two was a much more even contest.

With nothing to lose, CYMS went on the attack and began brilliantly, taking the last five Colts wickets for just 22 runs in less than four overs to dismiss the men in red for 180.

Trailing by 99, CYMS made 210 in the second innings, with Nathan Jones taking six wickets,to make a game of it and set Colts 112 to win in 21 overs.

Some big hitting and mature batting helped Colts achieve that inside 17 overs.

“It was tougher today, the wicket was really good, so to get the 10 wickets and then get the runs was a good result and starts the season well for us,” Ryan said.

“It was very tough..they stuck to it and pushed us all game and made us work really hard for it. I said to the boys if outrights were easy they’d come every week but you don’t see them very often so to get one this early in the season is a really goodresult for us.”

After getting rolled early on, Colts were made to work in the field as CYMS’ second innings began well.

Lewis Matthews (27) and Brock Larance (23) added 59 for the first wicket while Thomas Nelson (38) and Ben Strachan (34) added stabilty in the middle before Ben O’Donnell (40) helped hit the Cougars to a somewhat defendable total.

Jones was the star with the ball on day two for Colts, much like Ben Semmler was when taking six wickets on day one, and Ryan was full of praise for the off-spinner.

Jones has bounced between first and second grade in recent seasons and the captain was delighted to see him take his chance.

“His position was a bit in the air early in the season and din’t train much but he came in and got six today,” he said, while adding Tom Atlee (0-41) and English import Jake Caudwell (2-41) also performed well with the ball.

With 112 to get in 21 overs Colts needed to begin the second innings with a bang and Chris Morton (31) duly obliged but it was Paul Hulthen (37 not out) and Ryan (36 not out) who showed all their experience and got the job done to seal the emphatic win and help the men in red make a statement.

“There’s a good vibe around the team at the moment,” Ryan said.“The whole club in general, the second and third graders are all doing well so it’s a really good start to the season and I’m really happy with it.”

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Rugby runs down the Bulls in their opener

RUGBY Union skipper Sam Macpherson and his Centennials Bulls opposite Josh Toole both gave meaning to the term ‘captain’s knock’ onSaturday as the new Bathurst District Cricket Association first grade season commenced.
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But when the match finished at the Sportsground,it was Macpherson whowas celebrating a win with his team-mates.

Rugby chased down the 211 itneeded for victory with seven balls remaining,posting a three-wicket victory.

Macpherson had made 57 in that chase, while the formidable target was set up by a typically aggressive knock from Toole.

The Bulls’ skipper cracked five sixes and four boundaries on his way to 92 opening the batting, Toole punishing Rugby for giving him two lives.

“We dropped Tooley on 30 and again on 60 odd, we always seem to drop him early on. But I knew once we got Tooley and Billy [Aaron Seymour] out we’d do alright,” Macpherson said.

Tooleopened the batting with Andrew Brown (25), but it was when he combined with number three Seymourthat the Bulls got on top.

Together they took the score from 1-48 to 160 before Rugby made the breakthrough.

Toole tried to blast a Jimmy Tristram delivery over the boundary, but Nathan Swards was waiting in the deep. He fell over the boundary, butmanaged to flick the ball back infield to Macpherson before doing so.

Having taken the catch, Rugby’s skipper rallied his men.

“Once we got Tooley out we all got together in a huddle and said‘Let’s put pressure on every shot’. That’s what we did and that’s when they started getting out to some silly shots,” he said.

Seymour fell for 47 and while there were a handful of handy contributions, no other Bulls batsman really got on top of Rugby’s attack.

Tristram spearheaded the fightback, claiming 5-30 off seven as the Bulls were all out for 210.

Rugby’s chase did not start well as opener Imran Qureshi (32) struggled to find some support.

The Bulls had their rivals at 3-51 then 5-73 before Ben Hurford and Macpherson turned things around with a 91-run stand.

Macpherson, who was given a life two balls before the drinks break, hit four boundaries on his way to 57. He finally fell to Casey White with 47 required for victory.

From there Hurford (54 not out) helped guide Rugby home with Tristram (13 not out).

Mark Simmons (2-43) and Jeremy Nash (2-45) were the best of the Bulls’ bowlers.

“We chased a fair bit of leather when they were batting and then when we lost those early wickets –I always felt we could get the runs but after we lost those early wickets I was a bit more sceptical,” Macpherson said.

RUN DOWN: Imran Qureshi and his Rugby Union team-mates successfully chased 211 for victory in their season opener. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

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The UN-declaredInternational Day of Rural Women on Saturdaywas a day to recognise rural women and celebrate the contribution women make to agriculture and regional development, according to two federal Cabinet Ministers.
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Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash said the Coalition Government was proud to back rural and regional women in their efforts to build stronger regional, rural and remote communities.

“Women in rural Australia are leaders, and I’m committed to getting more of them into parliament.

“Rural women are professionals, they are innovators. Rural women are known for their determination, resilience and positivity as well as their ability to turn challenges into opportunities and to think outside the box to find solutions.

“Without rural women, rural, regional and remote Australia would grind to a halt.

“Our city cousins would have no cereal in their breakfast bowls, no milk to put on their cereal, no salad at lunch and no meat at dinner.

“The roll-out of the nbn along with the Sky Muster satellite will allow many rural women to start online businesses and undertake tertiary education via distance.”

Minister for Women Senator Michaelia Cash said itwas a time to reflect on the strong leadership of Australian women and reiterated the government is determined to ensure the talents and hard work of rural women is recognised and supported.

“The Coalition Government aims to empower rural women, so that they can have the same opportunities as their male counterparts through boosting women’s workforce participation and ensuring their economic security.”

Research shows women in rural areas have some of the highest rates of workforce participation of all Australian women over age 35.

“We are committed to removing barriers to ensure a strong economic future for all Australian women including those who live in rural communities.”

TheInternational Day of Rural Women recognises the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.

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