South Coast brekkie wrapSunday, October 16, 2016

State of the nationNeed a national newssnapshot first thing – well, we have you covered.

►ILLAWARRA: South Coastcancer patients are participatingin a ‘miracle drug’ trial. The patients, mostlywith stage three or four cancer, have in many cases failed to respondto first-line treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. For some it’s their last hope.Read more.

►BEGA VALLEY: A manhas died after a mountain bike crash near Tathra, on the Far South Coast. Read more

► BACCHUS MARSH, VIC:A cluster of baby deaths at a Bacchus Marsh hospital has triggered sweeping changes tohow Victoria will manage medical errors and patient safety across the state.A damning independent report has found that for many years the state health department left patient safety in the hands of individual boards, creating gaping holes in monitoring and a culture of cover-up and missed opportunity.Read more.

► TAMWORTH, NSW:Tenyears ago, the uncomfortable glare of national disapproval was on Tamworth.A plan for the region to offer the humanitarian resettlement of up to five families – refugees from the war, hunger and persecution of their home countries- had been rejected almost 4-1 in a residents’ survey and voted down 6-3 by the council. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.Read more.

► BURNIE, TAS: A fundinggrant will seea new bottling line built at the Hellyers Road Distillery to create jobs and increase product output.Hellyers was awarded $250,000 from the government’sRegional Revival Fund toinstall the new bottling line as well as other infrastructure to support the growing demand for their whisky.Read more.

► ILLAWARRA, NSW:Trudy Davis was a fighter, and sinceher death nearly three years agoher mother Karenne has been fighting for justice on her behalf.This week Mrs Davis, her husband Geoffrey, Trudy’s two sons and the rest of the family thought that daymay finally have come.However the news that the doctor accused of wrongly discharging Trudy from Shellharbour Hospital in the hours leading to her death had been reprimanded for unsatisfactoryprofessional conducthas brought them no closure.Read more.

►CENTRAL VIC:Zoos Victoria is calling on central Victorians to help bring back a ‘cryptic’ lizard and a mimicbird from the verge of extinction.The regent honeyeaterwas once a common sight in Bendigo and the grassland earless dragonwidespread across the plainsof central Victoria.However the bird has not been seen in Bendigo for decades, whilethe lizard may already be lost toVictoria. Read more.

►LAUNCESTON, TAS:Launceston-raised Alexander Borst is working to “erase the line” between same-sex and opposite-sex weddings.Mr Borst, who now lives in Melbourne, this year launchedMr Theodore, an online wedding directory that details suppliers who support same-sex marriage. The catalyst forMr Theodorecame from his personal life.Read more.

National news►Roz and John Bradbury have paid just over double the selling price for the last Ford Falcon XR6 sedan produced in Australia.But Roz Bradbury, who owns Sunbury Ford innorth-west Melbourne,says having a piece of the country’s automobilehistory is worth the price.Read more.

►The number of Australian children living in poverty is rising, with more than 730,000 children now below the breadline in what has been described as a “national shame” and a dismal reflection on the country’s politicians.Read more.

►An award-winning Australian cameramanhas been remanded in custody after he was charged with multiple child sex offences.Read more.

National weather radarInternational news► ENGLAND:ChloeMcCardel is an interesting athlete. Many athletes aren’t. Ask them how they did so well and, if they’re honest, they’ll say they were born with a freakish gift and practised a lot.But McCardel was born with a good-but-not-great physical gift, and has turned herself into one of the world’s best open-water marathon swimmers by sheer force of will.Read more.

►THAILAND:A 96-year-old retired military officer and former prime minister has been named Thailand’s temporary Regent as the nation mourns the death of the world’s longest-reigning monarch, King Bhumibol​ Adulyadej​.Read more.

►CHINA:Several employees from casino giant Crown are believed to have been arrested and detained in China by local authorities.Billionaire businessman James Packer’s Crown Resorts on Saturday saidit’sbelieved the employees were being interviewed. Read more.

On this dayOctober 16, 1923: “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – thatitwasall startedby amouse.” On this day 93 years ago, Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded the Walt Disney Company. The company started off as a leader in animation, before diversifying. Now known as Walt Disney Productions, it focuses on a range of media, includinglive-action film production, television, theatre, radio, music, publishing, and online media. And of course, it’s famous for its theme parks! Enjoy a tour of Disneyland with Walt Disney himself,here:

The faces of Australia:Trevor DickinsonNEVER has an artist used Newcastle as both their muse and canvas more than Trevor Dickinson.

Plotting the locations of his instantly recognisable murals on a map is like watching a painting obscure a blank page: Newcastle Beach, Mayfield Swimming Centre, the Merewether Beach tunnel and nearby Beach Hotel, inside and outside Newcastle Museum and even the dartboard at Lambton Park Hotel.

This doesn’t include his works on hoardings outside The Lucky Hoteland inside Charlestown Square, which have since been dismantled.

But after about five years of capturing the icons and idiosyncrasies of his much-loved adopted hometown, English-born Dickinson has drawn only five scenes of the city over the past two years.Read more.

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